Our Company

Founded in 1967, Allied Propane Service has provided a broad range of services to customers in the Northern California Bay Area for over 40 years, with facilities in Napa, Richmond and Dixon.

Our staff live in the same communities they serve, and understand the needs that you have as a propane user. This knowledge and relationship helps us to maintain our position as a front-runner in the propane industry.

A family-owned business, Allied Propane Service has a long history of community support and participation, as well as an ongoing corporate commitment to providing an energy-efficient fuel source for area residents and businesses.

Allied Propane Service offers the green and cost-efficient benefits of propane for most energy needs including:

  • Residential: heating, kitchen appliances, water heating, outdoor heating & cooking, and pool heating
  • New Construction: temporary boilers, generators, heat and lighting; fuel piping design & installation
  • Commercial / Industrial: forklift cylinder exchange, stand-by and temporary systems
  • Agricultural: vineyards, farms, orchards and ranches needs for frost protection, sustainable weed control, and crop drying